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Exploring key urban issues and spaces around us, uncovering fresh insights and future trends shaping Singapore from housing, mobility and more. 

Skyline 14/2021

Skyline is a URA magazine that explores key urban issues and spaces around us, uncovering fresh insights and future trends shaping Singapore, from housing, to heritage, mobility and more.

In this issue, experts and citizens reflect on the value of long-term planning, shifting lifestyles and landscapes and their future aspirations.

Past Skyline Issues

30 Years of Conservation in Singapore Since 1989

What does it take to conserve over 7,000 buildings in Singapore? In this special supplement, 30 individuals reflect on the struggles and triumphs of shaping 30 years of conservation efforts since 1989.

From conservation pioneers Dr Liu Thai Ker and Alan Choe to Singapore Heritage Society’s Dr Chua Ai Lin and My Community’s Kwek Li Yong, each share their personal memories and encounters in overcoming constraints, reimagining possibilities and working together to shape a collective rich heritage and identity for Singapore.

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Annual Report 2019/2020

We shaped and refined our plans for Singapore with those who live, work and play in this city.