Looking for suitable premises for your business?

Before you commit to buy or lease a premises for a specific use, you are advised to find out more on the allowable uses. Each premises has its own intended use. It cannot be used for any purpose or activity. Certain activity or business requires planning permission approval before you can use the premises.

Use of Premises

A premises is approved for specific use depending on the land use zoning.

Allowable Use for Shophouses

You may use the self-help service on our URA SPACE to find out where a proposed use may be allowed.

Change of Use Lodgment Scheme

Where a proposed use may be allowed, you must notify URA of your intended use through Change of Use Lodgment Scheme. This scheme allows certain uses in selected buildings to be lodged or filed without the need to wait for an approval. This means your proposal is deemed approved upon one successful lodgment with URA.

Apply for Change of Use

Other than Change of Use Lodgment Scheme, you need to apply for Change of Use Approval if the approved use of your premises is different from the intended use.

There are fees for a change of use application. The fees are:

  • New application - $535.00
  • Renewal of Temporary Permission - $535.00
  • Change of use under Lodgment scheme - $160.50

(All fees include GST)

After getting a change of use planning permission, you are required to apply for the necessary permits and licenses separately from the relevant government agencies through LicenceOne before you commit to a tenancy agreement or commence the renovation works.