A Global City, an Endearing Home

Singapore is a global, cosmopolitan city that is widely regarded as one of Asia’s best places to live and work in. Singaporeans can be proud that the city’s skyline inspires awe, and that the glittering lights of Marina Bay are recognised around the world. As the nation continues to develop, familiar surroundings and landmarks in our physical environment have become markers of identity for residents.

Retaining a sense of familiarity and home amid a changing landscape is what roots Singaporeans. Although land is limited and needs to be allocated carefully between competing uses, places that are memorable and meaningful to Singaporeans will be retained where possible, while new common spaces will be created to promote community bonding and build new social memories. These four strategies guide us in making Singapore an endearing home for all:

  1. Providing more community spaces
  2. Integrating local identity into urban design
  3. Encouraging community and stakeholder involvement
  4. Continuing to safeguard our built heritage and identity nodes