List of Gazetted Approved Amendments to Master Plan 2014

Amendments to the Master Plan arise from development proposals that do not conform with either the land use or intensity in the Master Plan 2014, the designation of conservation areas to the Master Plan, and the changes or additions to be made to the Master Plan Written Statement.

Under the Planning (Master Plan) Rules 1999, such proposals will have to be made available for public inspection and comments. If there is no public objection and the proposals are approved, they are then incorporated as amendments to the Master Plan.

The following is a list of cases which have been gazetted for approved amendments to the Master Plan Written Statement and the Master Plan 2014.

S/No. Location MK/TS No. Lots
1 Alexandra Road MK01 98505N(pt)
2 Alexandra Road MK02 02876K(pt), 03007V(pt), etc
3 Aljunied Road MK24 01586C(pt), 01590M(pt), etc
4 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 MK18 14824N(pt), 09212K(pt) & 09207T(pt)
5 Ang Mo Kio Street 64 MK18 14782K(pt) & 17996A(pt)
6 Ayer Merbau Road MK34 03112W(pt) & 03449L(pt)
7 Ayer Rajah Avenue MK03 05012W, 05013V, etc
8 Ayer Rajah Crescent MK03 01710X(pt), 04321M(pt), etc
9 Ayer Rajah Expressway MK01 01356X(pt), 01617A(pt), etc
10 Ayer Rajah Expressway MK03 04310P(pt)
11 Ayer Rajah Expressway MK05 06842L(pt) & 07699M(pt)
12 Ayer Rajah Expressway MK05 08437T(pt)
13 Ayer Rajah Expressway MK03 01247N(pt), 01337X(pt), etc
14 Ayer Rajah Expressway MK06 02350A(pt)
15 Ayer Rajah Expressway MK03 04452X (pt)
16 Ayer Rajah Expressway MK06 02463W (pt)
17 Ayer Rajah Expressway/Yuan Ching Road MK06 02572T(pt), 04814K(pt)
18 Bartley Road MK24 09725M(pt), 99528L(pt), etc
19 Beach Road TS15 00434T
20 Bedok North Drive MK27 05385C(pt) & 11022T(pt)
21 Bedok North Road MK28 06720A(pt)
22 Bedok North Street 1 MK27 05385C(pt) & 11022T(pt)
23 Bedok Reservoir Road MK23 04690W(pt), 06105L(pt), etc
24 Benoi Basin MK07 State Foreshore(pt) & 04022P
25 Bidadari Park Drive MK24 09720K(pt), 09727V(pt), etc
26 Bidadari Park Drive MK24 09725M(pt), 99528L(pt), etc
27 Biopolis Road MK03 05006L(pt)
28 Braddell Road MK17 09493W & 09781A(pt)
29 Buangkok Drive MK21 01116P(pt) & 01875W (pt)
30 Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 MK10 05020K(pt)
31 Bukit Timah Road MK04 00249W(pt), 06751K(pt), etc
32 Bulim Avenue MK09 01768V, 01786P, etc
33 Bulim Avenue MK09 01381C(pt), 01417C(pt), etc
34 Bulim Drive MK09 01381C(pt), 01417C(pt), etc
35 Bulim Street MK09 01381C(pt), 01417C(pt), etc
36 Canberra Link MK13, MK19 02380C(pt), 03999K(pt), etc
37 Canberra Link MK13 04981A(pt)
38 Cavenagh Road TS18 02782A(pt)
39 Cecil Street TS02 00247P
40 Central Expressway MK20 02641W(pt), 05034L(pt), etc
41 Changi South Street 1 MK27 09926L & 09927C
42 Chin Bee Drive MK06 02236M
43 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 5 MK10 05011M(pt)
44 Chong Kuo Road MK13 00258L, 00257X
45 Clementi Avenue 2 MK05 06842L(pt) & 07699M(pt)
46 Clementi Avenue 6 MK05 08437T(pt)
47 Clementi Road MK03 04310P(pt)
48 Club Street TS03 00659W(pt), 98407L(pt), etc
49 Commonwealth Avenue MK03 01145X(pt), 01337X(pt), etc
50 Commonwealth Avenue MK03 04782L, 04783C (pt), etc
51 Compassvale Bow MK21 02490L(pt) & 02491C(pt)
52 Coney Island MK21 00611N(pt), 01499L(pt)
53 Cross Street TS03 00659W(pt), 98407L(pt), etc
54 Dover Avenue MK03 02923c(pt)
55 East Coast Parkway MK25 07411P(pt) & 07413A(pt)
56 Everitt Road North MK26 094204W
57 Fernvale Road MK20 04485V(pt), 04823W(pt), etc
58 Fernvale Street MK20 09612T(pt), 09613A(pt), etc
59 Fifth Avenue MK04 99442P, 99516A(pt), etc
60 Fourth Avenue MK04 99442P, 99516A(pt), etc
61 Galistan Avenue MK10 99453C
62 Gallop Road MK02 03564T(pt), 99448N, etc
63 Gambas Avenue MK13 04131A(pt) & 05550T(pt)
64 Geylang Road MK24 98845V
65 Geylang Road MK25 01203A, 01620T, etc
66 Greenwich Drive MK30 00788N, 00811P(pt)
67 Gul Avenue MK07 00306P
68 Gul Avenue/Benoi Road MK07 00301L(pt), 00302C(pt), etc
69 Gul Circle MK07 00317M
70 Halifax Road TS18 02782A(pt)
71 Hamilton Road TS17 01957K
72 Handy Road TS19 00657X(pt)
73 Handy Road TS20 00650K(pt)
74 Harbour Drive MK01 02981T(pt), 03878A (pt) ,etc
75 Hongkong Street TS07 00264X
76 Hougang Avenue 10 MK22 06856W
77 International Business Park MK05 09025A(pt), 09030N(pt), etc
78 Jalan Besut MK06 00460V(pt), 02324C(pt), etc
79 Jalan Gali Batu MK14 00073P(pt), 01266V(pt),etc
80 Jalan Kandis MK19 01234K(pt) & 02895N(pt)
81 Jalan Kayu MK20 01479A(pt), 04462N(pt), etc
82 Jalan Lekar MK11 03553L(pt), 03658M(pt)
83 Jalan Papan MK06 00460V(pt), 02324C(pt), etc
84 Jalan Pesawat MK06 01387V(pt), 04652A(pt), etc
85 Jalan Samulun MK06 02275A
86 Jalan Singa MK23 04690W(pt), 06105L(pt), etc
87 Jalan Teck Whye MK11 01177C(pt), 02411K(pt), etc
88 Jalan Terusan MK06 00455M(pt), 00456W(pt), etc
89 Jalan Terusan MK06 00460V(pt), 02324C(pt), etc
90 Jiak Kim Street TS21 99191M(pt), 99192W(pt), etc
91 Jurong East Street 21 Mk05 06463P(pt)
92 Jurong Island Highway MK34 01962A(pt) & 02839P(pt)
93 Jurong Pier Road MK06 02350A(pt)
94 Jurong Port Road MK06 00460V(pt), 02324C(pt), etc
95 Jurong Port Road MK06 02463W (pt)
96 Kaki Bukit Road 5 MK28 07128N(pt)
97 Kampong Bahru Road MK01 01718P(pt)
98 Kampong Bahru Road MK01 04122A (pt), 02045N, etc
99 Kranji Road MK11 03228V(pt), 03298N(pt), etc
100 Labrador Villa MK01 02981T(pt), 03878A (pt) ,etc
101 Lentor Drive MK20 01685V(pt), 00413P(pt), etc
102 Lorong 5 Realty Park MK22 05625L(pt), 05629V(pt), etc
103 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh MK17 02698P(pt) & 09789V(pt)
104 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh MK17 09744V(pt)
105 Lorong Chuan MK18 15564L(pt), 15568V(pt), etc
106 Lorong Low Koon MK22 03644T
107 Lower Delta Road MK01 01356X(pt), 01617A(pt), etc
108 Loyang Drive MK31 04132C(pt), 04238V(pt), etc
109 Mandai Lake Road MK14 01367M(pt) & 01371W(pt)
110 Mandai Road MK13 01083N(pt) & 06129V(pt)
111 Mandai Road MK14 03460N(pt), 03969W(pt), etc
112 Market Street TS01 00505N(pt) & 00660X(pt)
113 Marymount Road MK17 10438T(pt)
114 Maude Road TS17 02335K(pt) & 98834M(pt)
115 Media Circle MK03 05060W(pt)
116 Media Circle MK03 05368M(pt)
117 Mohamed Ali Lane TS03 00659W(pt), 98407L(pt), etc
118 Mount Sophia TS19 00657X(pt)
119 Mount Sophia TS20 00650K(pt)
120 Nassim Road TS25 01262X
121 Nepal Park/One-North Gateway MK03 05360P(pt)
122 Onan Road MK26 02353P(pt), 02354T(pt), etc
123 One North Link MK20 02641W(pt), 05034L(pt), etc
124 One-North Avenue MK03 05208A(pt)
125 One-North Crescent/Stars Avenue MK03 04178T, 05046T(pt), etc
126 Ophir Road TS11 00813K(pt) & 00815X(pt)
127 Orchard Road TS27 01163P(pt), 01166K, etc
128 Owen Road TS18 02391W(pt), 02422A(pt), etc
129 Palawan Beach MK34 00462M(pt), 02374X(pt), etc
130 Pasir Panjang Road MK01 02981T(pt), 03878A (pt) ,etc
131 Pasir Ris Industrial Drive 1 MK29 03044N(pt)
132 Penang Road TS20 00655M
133 Peng Kang Avenue MK08 00091A(pt), 00256L(pt), etc
134 Penjuru Road MK05 02995X(pt) & 02996L(pt)
135 Pennefather Road TS18 02712M
136 Perumal Road TS18 02712M
137 Pioneer Road MK07 04505C
138 Pioneer Road MK07 04018V (pt)
139 Pioneer Road MK06 04349P (pt) & 04354A (pt)
140 Pioneer Road/Gul Crescent MK07 04394W(pt)
141 Pioneer Sector 1 MK07 00841M (pt)
142 Pioneer Sector 3 MK07 00841M (pt)
143 Portsdown Avenue MK03 04452X (pt)
144 Portsdown Road MK03 05368M(pt)
145 Portsdown Road MK20 02641W(pt), 05034L(pt), etc
146 Pulau Punggol Barat MK20 04744X(pt)
147 Punggol Central MK21 02418A(pt)
148 Punggol East MK21 00790T(pt), 02247L(pt), etc
149 Punggol Road MK21 00746X(pt), 00747L(pt), etc
150 Quality Road MK06 01229L
151 Queensway MK03 04782L, 04783C(pt), etc
152 Rangoon Road TS18 97625P(pt)
153 Rochester Park MK03 05236V(pt) & 05076P(pt)
154 Seletar Aerospace Drive MK20 03036T(pt), 03038K(pt), etc
155 Seletar Aerospace Drive MK20 01052N(pt), 04519L(pt), etc
156 Seletar Aerospace Road 1 MK20 04332M(pt), 04814K(pt), etc
157 Sembawang Road MK13 04981A(pt)
158 Sembawang Road MK13, MK19 02380C(pt), 03999K(pt), etc
159 Sengkang Central MK21 02490L(pt) & 02491C(pt)
160 Sengkang East Drive MK21 00815A(pt), 01797(pt), etc
161 Sengkang East Way MK21 00237K(pt), 00238N(pt), etc
162 Sengkang West Avenue MK20 04258W & 04683A(pt)
163 Sengkang West Avenue MK20 01479A(pt), 04462N(pt), etc
164 Sengkang West Road MK20 01479A(pt), 04462N(pt), etc
165 Sengkang West Road MK20 02641W(pt), 05034L(pt), etc
166 Senoko Drive MK13 01965W
167 Serangoon North Avenue 1 MK18 00234N & 13647C(pt)
168 Serangoon Road MK17 99708T(pt) and 97709A
169 Serangoon Road TS17 00206T(pt), 00207A(pt), etc
170 Silat Avenue MK1 L02040V(pt), 02046X(pt), etc
171 Silat Avenue MK1 04122A (pt), 02045N, etc
172 Sims Drive MK24 10714C(pt)
173 South Bridge Road TS03 00659W(pt), 98407L(pt), etc
174 Sungei Kadut Street 2 MK11 00804A(pt)
175 Sungei Tengah Road MK11 03491A(pt)
176 Tampines Avenue 10 MK29 00196P(pt), 02376W(pt), etc
177 Tampines Avenue 12/Tampines Expressway MK29 00939K(pt), 02426N(pt), etc
178 Tampines Avenue 2 MK28 07264K(pt)
179 Tampines Expressway MK20 02641W(pt), 05034L(pt), etc
180 Tampines Expressway/ Tampines Industrial Crescent MK29 02783T(pt),02935L(pt), etc
181 Tampines Industrial Crescent MK29 02935L(pt)
182 Tampines North Drive 1 MK29 02984C(pt), 99923X(pt), etc
183 Tampines North Drive 2 MK29 00870K(pt), 00942K(pt), etc
184 Tampines North Drive 5 MK29 03101K(pt) & 99957M(pt),
185 Tampines Street 22 MK28 07264K(pt)
186 Tembusu Crescent MK34 01102L & 03271K(pt)
187 Thong Bee Road MK13 00258L, 00257X
188 Tras Street TS03 00537C
189 Tuas Avenue 1 MK07 01232C(pt), 04386N(pt), etc
190 Tuas Avenue 2 MK07 01120T
191 Tuas Drive 2 MK07 01362K
192 Tuas Link 3 MK07 03246K
193 Tuas South Avenue 1 MK07 04437P(pt)
194 Tuas South Avenue 1 MK07 03948L, 04047M(pt), etc
195 Tuas South Avenue 16 MK07 04232T(pt), 04776C(pt) etc
196 Tuas South Avenue 5 MK07 04322A(pt), 04755K(pt)
197 Tuas South Avenue 7 MK07 04263T(pt), 04786K(pt), etc
198 Tuas South Boulevard MK07 04701M(pt) & 04766C(pt)
199 Tuas South Lane MK07 04156P(pt) & 04213V(pt)
200 Tuas View Place MK07 03709C
201 Tuas West Drive MK07 03243P, 03280K(pt)
202 Tuas West Road MK07 03827X & 03828L
203 Ubi Avenue 1 MK23 06496L (pt)
204 Ubi Avenue 2 MK23 06496L (pt)
205 Ubi Close MK23 05357L
206 Ubi Road 3 MK23 06496L (pt)
207 Ulu Pandan Road MK04 02119W(pt), 02320T(pt), etc
208 Upper Bukit Timah Road MK10 04262C(pt), 99736W(pt), etc
209 Upper Changi Road North MK31 03505T(pt)
210 Upper Serangoon Road MK24 09720K(pt), 09727V(pt), etc
211 Upper Serangoon Road MK17, MK24 08322M(pt), 08323W, etc
212 Upper Serangoon Road MK24 09725M(pt), 99528L(pt), etc
213 West Coast Vale MK05 00980M(pt), 00989L(pt), etc
214 Whitley Road MK17 08630N(pt)
215 Woodlands Avenue 2 MK13 04995A(pt), 04996K(pt), etc
216 Woodlands Avenue 4 MK13 05951T(pt)
217 Woodlands Avenue 4 MK13 06244X(pt)
218 Woodlands Avenue 5 MK13 04995A(pt), 04996K(pt), etc
219 Woodlands Avenue 5 MK13 04995A(pt), 04996K(pt), etc
220 Woodlands Industrial Park E2 MK13 05817N(pt)
221 Woodlands Industrial Park E8 MK13 05811W(pt), 05821X(pt)
222 Woodlands Lane MK13 06167K(pt)
223 Woodlands Square MK13 04995A(pt), 04996K(pt), etc
224 Woodlands Street 12/Woodlands Avenue 3 MK13 02100L(pt), 04109P(pt), etc
225 Woodlands View/ Woodlands Avenue 12 MK13 04647P(pt), 05732X
226 Woodleigh Lane MK17, MK24 08322M(pt), 08323W, etc
227 Woodleigh Link MK24 09725M(pt), 99528L(pt), etc
228 Yio Chu Kang Road MK20 02641W(pt), 05034L(pt), etc
229 Yio Chu Kang Road MK20 01685V(pt), 00413(pt), etc
230 Yishun Avenue 2 MK19 02654K(pt)
231 Yuan Ching Road MK06 02571P(pt), 02572T(pt), etc