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Getting Kampong Bugis ready to be a people-centric, car-lite residential precinct

  Published: 19 April 2018

Plans for Kampong Bugis residential precinct

The Kampong Bugis precinct will be comprehensively developed into a new people-centric, car-lite waterfront residential precinct in a lush park setting.

Kampong Bugis will be an open and inclusive neighbourhood with new community facilities, to foster more interaction among residents. The existing Kallang Riverside Park will be transformed into a lush and vibrant waterfront park. To provide a pedestrian-friendly environment and promote active mobility, the precinct will include a comprehensive network of pedestrian and cycling paths that will connect seamlessly to key public transport nodes.

The precinct will also include features that support environmental sustainability such as a precinct-wide pneumatic waste conveyance system for more efficient waste collection, and storm water treatment system.

Benefits of the Master Developer approach

To realise the planning vision for Kampong Bugis, a Master Developer will oversee the master planning and development of the precinct, including parks, public spaces, roads, and precinct-level infrastructure systems. This approach supports better integration among buildings and public spaces, connectivity, amenities and other infrastructure.

Land preparatory works for the development of Kampong Bugis


Two part-lots of private land will be acquired and merged with the surrounding State land to facilitate comprehensive redevelopment of Kampong Bugis.

The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) has gazetted the acquisition of the affected land today. SLA will work closely with and assist the affected landowner through the process.

Remediation works

SLA will carry out remediation works on the former Kallang Gasworks site, to support redevelopment of the area.

As the land was previously used for gas production, remediation works will ensure that the quality of the soil will be suitable for its intended use, in accordance with established international standards.

SLA will call a tender for the remediation works today. SLA and its appointed contractor will engage the surrounding community before the commencement of remediation works. A 24-hour public hotline will also be set up for the duration of the works.


Annex A [PDF, 191kb] – Location map of the Kampong Bugis Precinct
Annex B [PDF, 312kb] – Artist impression of the future Kampong Bugis car-lite precinct
Annex C [PDF, 108kb] – Factsheet on remediation works
Annex D [PDF, 741kb] – Infographic on remediation works