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Differential parking rates help manage peak-hour demand

URA's reply, 4 Jan 2020

Differential parking charges are implemented to manage the high demand for short-term parking spaces and encourage higher turnover of vehicles during peak hours (Why allow peak-hour parking fees?, Dec 27, 2019).

In this way, more motorists will be able to use the carpark when demand peaks at certain hours. Season parking ticket holders are not affected by peak-hour charges.

Signs can be found on the gantry barrier at such public carparks to indicate that peak-hour charges apply.

Motorists can refer to the carpark signboards, and online at HDB InfoWeb and URA Space, for the peak-hour parking rates.

Marie Lim Puay See
Director (Car Parks)
Housing and Development Board

Tan Lay Choon
Director (Car Parks, Administration and Policies)
Urban Redevelopment Authority

Letter, 27 Dec 2019, Straits Times
Why allow peak-hour parking fees?

Why do the Housing Board and Urban Redevelopment Authority allow outsourced operators to charge higher parking fees during so-called peak hours during lunch and dinner time?

I would like to understand the rationale as this sounds to me like profiteering.

Tony Lim