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Riding safe at Car-Free Sunday SG

URA's reply, 5 Feb 2018

We thank Mr Robin Yap Seng Bee for his feedback on Car-Free Sunday SG (Car-free Sunday can be made safer, Jan 31).

The safety of participants is a key consideration in the planning and organising of Car-Free Sunday SG. 

In addition to signage placed along the car-free route to remind participants about safety and the responsible sharing of road space with other users, there are also marshals, security officers and volunteers on the ground to keep a lookout for unsafe riding practices. 

We will also continue to work with our partner agencies to promote safe riding habits at our events.

Every road user has a role to play in ensuring his safety as well as others’ so that the day out is a safe and enjoyable one for everyone. 

Let us respect one another on the road and always be mindful of other users, especially where there are elderly people and young children present. 

Andrew David Fassam
Senior Director (Strategic Projects)
Urban Redevelopment Authority

Letter, 31 Jan 2018, Straits Times

Car-free Sunday can be made safer

The organisers behind this year's first Car-Free Sunday SG deserve to be complimented for their excellent work. To pull it off, much coordination with various agencies would have been inevitable.

The volunteers too deserve praise. They spent their Sunday there helping to direct traffic.

Many people, including families, had a fun time cycling, walking, running and skating freely in the Civic District and the Telok Ayer conservation area.

However, there are some safety concerns that the organisers might want to consider:

• Skaters going at high speed, with headphones plugged into both their ears, are dangerous, as they will not be able to hear any alerts from volunteers and fellow users.

• Skaters and cyclists videoing themselves while in motion. I even saw someone video-conferencing while on his skateboard.

• Young children, roaming around on skateboards and bikes, without their parents. They pose a danger not only to themselves but also to others.

• Cyclists and skaters without safety helmets. This, needless to say, is very dangerous.

There must be some minimum safety standards for all users.

Robin Yap Seng Bee