Sengkang Central

Tender Submission Date : 21 Jun 2018, Thursday

Site Area (m²) : 37,284.8
Minimum Price : -
Gross Floor Area (m²) : 78,299
Gross Plot Ratio: -

Updated: 6 Feb 2018

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Buangkok is an established residential estate located in north-eastern Singapore within Sengkang Planning Area with easy access to varied recreational options and ample opportunities for growth. To further enliven and to provide more amenities for residents in Buangkok, URA is now offering a unique opportunity for a development at this site in Sengkang Central which will physically stitch together the tapestry of uses within this precinct.


Located right above Buangkok North-East Line MRT station coupled with a new integrated bus interchange, this site is easily accessible and is well connected to major hubs such as the future Punggol Digital District and Seletar Aerospace Park.


This mixed-use development will be an integrated community hub with a hawker centre, community club, bus interchange and retail amenities in a one-stop location. When completed, it will become a focal point and identity marker for the Buangkok neighbourhood. There will be thoughtfully designed public spaces which are well integrated with transport and community uses for people to gather and interact.


We would like to extend this invitation to developers who have experience in developing mixed-use developments to develop a project that will be a cornerstone for community activities for the residents in Buangkok.

Sengkang Central - Location Map
Sengkang Central - Aerial View

Location Sengkang Central
Site Area + 37,284.8 m2 
Lease Period 99 years
Allowable Development Commercial & Residential
Maximum Building Height 64 m AMSL ++
Maximum Gross Floor Area 78,299 m2
Project Completion Period +++ 84 months
+ Site area subject to cadastral survey
++ AMSL means Above Mean Sea Level
+++ Computed from the date of acceptance of the tender by the Authority up to date of issue of Temporary Occupation Permit for the whole of the proposed development.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority ("The Authority") is inviting tenders for the development of the Land Parcel described above for and on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Singapore.


Every tenderer shall submit in his tender in accordance with the Conditions of Tender and Technical Conditions of Tender of the Land Parcel:

  • The duly completed and signed Form of Tender together with the Additional Amount Deposit mentioned below and other applicable document(s) in a sealed envelope labelled “Form of Tender”; and
  • The duly completed and signed Form for Submission of Concept Proposal together with -
    • a written proposal to explain and illustrate the tenderer’s business and development concepts for the development;
    • the name(s) and track records of the tenderer/lead Architect(s)/Designer(s) and supporting architectural and consultant team(s) that will oversee the detailed design development and implementation of the project;
    • the Fixed Amount Deposit mentioned below;

in a separate sealed envelope labelled "Concept Proposal and Fixed Amount Deposit"

The tenderer shall -

  • deposit the envelope labelled “Form of Tender” in the Tender Box marked “Form of Tender”;
  • hand over at the same time the envelope labelled “Concept Proposal and Fixed Amount Deposit” to an appointed officer of the Authority;

at the Function Room, 5th storey of Podium, The URA Centre, 45 Maxwell Road, Singapore 069118 on 21 June 2018 at or before 12 noon of that day. The Function Room will be opened by 9 am on that day.


Every tenderer shall pay a tender deposit ("Tender Deposit") in such manners as set out below:

  • an amount of S$43 million (“Fixed Amount Deposit”) to be submitted in the envelope labelled “Concept Proposal and Fixed Amount Deposit”; and
  • where the Fixed Amount Deposit is less than 5% of the tendered sale price, an additional amount (“Additional Amount Deposit”) which shall not be less than the difference between the amount of 5% of the tendered sale price and the Fixed Amount Deposit, to be submitted in the envelope labelled “Form of Tender”.

The tender deposit may be paid by any one or more of the following methods:

Fixed Amount Deposit

  • Cashier's Order
  • Bank Transfer
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Insurance Guarantee

Additional Amount Deposit

  • Cashier's Order
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Insurance Guarantee

(Please refer to the Conditions of Tender for detailed requirements). Payment in CASH or by CHEQUE or any other means WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

The Tender Deposit will be returned to all unsuccessful tenderers.

The Tender Deposit shall be forfeited if the tenderer withdraws his tender after the date and time for submission of tenders.

Tenders submitted without the Tender Deposit shall be disqualified.


Tenders shall remain valid for acceptance for twelve (12) weeks from the said date for submission of tenders.

The following shall apply in the evaluation of tenders:

  • The Proposals submitted by all the tenderers will be first evaluated by a Concept Evaluation Committee to be formed by the Authority;
  • After evaluation, the Concept Evaluation Committee shall shortlist those Proposals that are acceptable in its view;
  • Only tenders submitted by the tenderers whose Proposals have been shortlisted by the Concept Evaluation Committee can be considered for acceptance taking into account the tendered sale prices. However, the Authority reserves the right to reject the highest or any tender.


The successful tenderer shall pay the tendered sale price and the Goods and Services Tax (GST) by Cashier's Order as follows:

  • 25% (less the Tender Deposit) and the GST on 25% of the tendered sale price within twenty-eight (28) days of the Authority's acceptance of his tender;
  • 75% and the GST thereon within ninety (90) days of acceptance of his tender.


This tender brief is meant to highlight only some of the principal points of the tender and does not form part of the tender documents. All tenderers shall comply with the terms and requirements as stipulated in the "Conditions of Tender" and "Technical Conditions of Tender" contained in the eDeveloper's Packet at website "".

A Concept & Price Revenue tender system will be adopted to evaluate the tenders received for the commercial & residential site at Sengkang Central.

Under this system, tenderers are required to submit their concept proposals and tender prices in two separate envelopes. The concept proposals should demonstrate how the proposed development on the Land Parcel will address the following evaluation criteria:-

(a)    Quality of Design Concept

(b)    Quality of Public Realm

(c)    Track Record

Details on the Concept and Price Revenue tender system is set out under Part VII of the Technical Conditions of Tender.

A concept Evaluation Committee (CEC) will first evaluate the Concept Proposal against the evaluation criteria. Only Concept Proposals that substantially satisfy the evaluation criteria will be short-listed by the CEC for the second stage of the tender evaluation.

At the second stage, the price envelopes of proposals with acceptable concepts will be opened for consideration. The site will then be awarded to the tender with the highest bid among those with acceptable concept proposals.

pdf icon Location and Control Plans
pdf icon Technical Conditions of Tender


The above tender documents are for information only. The complete set of updated tender documents and all relevant circulars, corrigenda and notifications are available for download in the eDeveloper’s Packet at S$181.90 w/GST (S$170.00 w/o GST).

The responsibility of URA and the Government is limited to notifying purchasers of the eDeveloper’s Packet of any additions, variations or amendments to the tender documents. If a purchaser of the eDeveloper's Packet makes the contents therein available to any other party, whether an associate, a client or an agent or whosoever and whether local or overseas; it shall be the purchaser's responsibility to keep that party informed of any such additions, variations or amendments.

Parties interested to participate in the tender for this site are advised to purchase the eDeveloper's Packet.

Find out more information on the requirements for tender and the tender process.

The eDeveloper's Packet contains:

  • Conditions of Tender
  • Technical Conditions of Tender
  • Form of Tender
  • Form for Submission of Concept Proposal
  • Other relevant documents and information necessary for the tender of the Land Parcel

If you intend to participate in the tender for Sengkang Central, it is compulsory to purchase the Digital 3D model as it is a requirement to submit your proposal with this digital 3D model.

The Digital 3D model contains:

  • 3D model (.max format)

Purchase the eDeveloper's Packet or Digital 3D model here.

  • eDeveloper's Packet: S$181.90 w/GST (S$170.00 w/o GST)
  • Digital 3D model: S$224.70 w/ GST (S$210.00 w/o GST)


We conducted a briefing session on the key planning & urban design requirements as well as the evaluation criteria for the Sengkang Central site on 2 February 2018. You may find the presentation slides here for reference.

If you have any questions, please approach:

  • Ms Gillian How at (65) 6329 3499
    Mr Eugene Yuen at (65) 6321 8069

You may also submit your questions or feedback online