Home Business

Home Based Business is a small-scale business carried out within your residential premises with restricted activities. No other person outside of the household is allowed to be employed.

Home owners, tenants or occupants of private residential properties who wish to operate a small office at their home can do so under the Home Office (HO) Scheme, and hire up to 2 workers.

Home Based Business

Home Based Businesses

Home based business activities are intended for small scale businesses like sewing work and baking at home. It is wholly owned and operated by the home owner. The activities should not materially affect the use of the premises as a residential unit and shall not cause disturbance to the neighbours or other residents in the neighbourhood.

Home Office Scheme

Under the Home Office (HO) scheme, home owners, tenants or occupants of private residential properties can set up small-scale offices in their homes, as long as they satisfy the prevailing HO guidelines and performance criteria, and ensure that the use does not cause amenity problems to the neighbours.

Home Office