Minor Development Application

For the following simpler works, you may submit an application via this E-Service:

Types of Work

Who can submit?

Home owners and developers can apply for additions and alterations to existing landed houses. For all other types of minor development works, only a Qualified Person (registered architects and engineers) can submit. Non-owners must obtain written consent from the owner and declare it in the application form.

Application Timeline

It generally takes 20 working days. You can check the status of your application online.

Step-by-step guide on application

Check exemption list to find out if your proposed development works need planning permission.

Before you submit, ensure that you have the following:

If you are a Qualified Person or agent submitting on behalf of the property owner or tenant, obtain written consent/approval from the: 

  • owner of the land or premises– if you are submitting plans, the declaration on the owner’s consent must be shown on all the plans
  • Singapore Land Authority if the premises is owned by the State
  • Authorisation Letter from the developer for the agent to submit the application on behalf of the applicant – see Authorisation Letter Sample (WORD)
  • If you are applying for additions and alterations to existing buildings, you must also submit a Declaration and Land Tenure and Title Restrictions
Submit your Minor Development Application online. You will need to log in with your SingPass.

Pay your application fee online. You will need the Reference ID of your application submission. To find out how much fees are required, use our online calculators:

Form-based Fee Calculator
If you have not filled up the EDAform, use this online form to check the fee payable for your application.

Fee calculator for uploaded EDAform file
Upload a completed EDAForm application in EDF file format to calculate your fee.

Other Planning Permission Fee

Other planning permission fees can be found in Development Control – Fees Schedule (2016).

See our terms and conditions before proceeding.