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Pay Processing Fees With Ease

  Published: 26 May 2020
  Theme: Instil (DC Services & Good Practices)

Here is a simple two-step guide for payment of processing fees to URA.

Step 1: Indicate correct Payer information on the Electronic Development Application (EDA) form

Ensure the Payer indicated in the EDA form (see screen shot below) is the actual person/company who will be making payment for the processing fees, and that the details of the payer are entered accurately e.g. person/company’s name is spelled correctly, email address of the payer is accurate.

Electronic Development Application Form
EDA form screen showing Payer as either a Company or Person

URA will email payment details to the Agent (i.e. QP) and Payer as indicated on the EDA form. A receipt will be issued in the name of the Payer as indicated on the EDA form.

For government projects, you will first need to confirm with the relevant government agency if they are the Payer for the processing fees before completing the EDA form. This information is important because you need to indicate in the EDA form if the processing fees are to be paid by a government ministry or statutory board (see screen shot below). If you select ‘Yes’, you will be prompted to provide the billing details of the relevant ministry/statutory board. URA will then bill the ministry/statutory board indicated for the processing fees.

Electronic Development Application Form
EDA form screen showing the Payer as a government ministry / statutory board

Step 2: Completing the payment process

When making payment for a submission, do refer to the e-payment modes stated in the payment instructions emailed to the Agent and Payer.

For bank transfers, please indicate clearly in your bank’s portal what the payment to URA is for. Quote the Ref ID of the case within the ‘Customer Reference’, ‘Instruction to Recipient’ or ‘Payment Details’ sections. After making the transfer, click on URA’s payment email, select ‘Bank Transfer’ as the payment mode, and quote the Bank Transaction Number provided by your bank. This step is necessary to complete the payment process and ensures that URA can accept the case for processing.


We seek your understanding and co-operation to ensure the Payer information provided in the EDA form is accurate, and that the correct payment method is used. This will avoid unnecessary delays in the case processing time.


Note: All DC.Connect articles are only for general information. We strongly advise readers to read the relevant circulars we issue to professional institutes for full and accurate information on development control matters as these will continue to take precedence.