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New URA SPACE Layers for QPs’ Convenience

  Published: 17 November 2022
  Theme: Instil (DC Services & Good Practices)

URA SPACE is an online map portal that allows users to easily access a wide range of updated planning and real estate information. As part of our continuous effort to enhance the experience for users, we have recently added the following five new information layers in URA SPACE:

1. Dwelling Units (DU)

The maximum number of dwelling units (DU) for a private non-landed residential development is derived by dividing the gross floor area (GFA) of the development by a prescribed average DU size. Depending on location, this average DU size could either be 85 sqm or 100 sqm.

This new layer allows users to quickly find out whether a selected private residential site is subject to such maximum DU controls and if so, how this maximum allowable DU figure should be derived.

2. Landscape Replacement Area (LRA)

The Landscaping for Urban Spaces and High-Rises (LUSH) scheme requires new developments to incorporate on-ground and high-rise greenery within their site (i.e. Landscape Replacement Area or LRA) to replace the greenery displaced by the new development. LRA requirement for specific sites are calibrated based on their location, intensity (i.e. GPR) and development type.

This new layer will allow users to immediately find out whether the selected site falls within a Strategic Area where more stringent LRA requirements apply. This new layer will also guide users directly to the detailed LRA requirements, providing quick and easy access to guidelines that are applicable to the specific site.

3. Hotels & Backpacker Hostels

This new layer will help users quickly find out whether the selected site falls within one of the areas where there are restrictions in supporting new hotels and backpacker hostel developments, which would help businesses make more informed decisions. 

4. Walking and Cycling Plan (WCP)

Certain types of development proposals are required to include a Walking Cycling Plan (WCP) as part of the submission to URA for planning permission. Whether a WCP is required depends on factors such as location, type of development, intensity and scale (e.g. GFA, DUs) etc.

This new layer provides a quick guide to users on whether the selected site may be required to submit a WCP as part of the development proposal.

5. Strata Subdivision of Commercial Properties

URA had identified prominent areas and routes within the Central Area where strata subdivision of commercial components of developments into individual units will not be allowed. This seeks to ensure building owners retain sufficient interest in the commercial premises  to continue to upkeep and maintain the quality of developments in these areas.

This new layer will allow users to find out whether the selected site is subject to such strata subdivision restrictions.

These five new layers can be accessed via the following steps:

New layer in URA SPACE

New layer in URA SPACE 



Banner photo by John Schnobrich from Unsplash