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Minimum plot size for party-wall residential developments

  Published: 28 August 2014
  Theme: Inform (Guidelines)

URA has introduced a minimum plot size requirement of 600sqm for party-wall residential flat developments to achieve better quality developments. The new requirement takes effect on 1 June 2014.

The new requirements were formulated as we observed an increasing number of small terrace plots being developed into higher and more intensive party-wall flats, often hemmed in by the mechanized carpark stack, staircase core and loft core. Due to the constrained site, the developers would typically introduce mechanized car parks to maximize the number of units and meet LTA’s car parking requirements. These could lead to potential traffic problems arising from build-up of cars waiting for car lifts to park in these developments. A bigger site area would offer more options to better design proper circulation areas at the first storey of the development and minimize the number of access points [and friction] along the street. Please refer to this circular for more details.



Minimum Plot Size Allowed


  • Proposed development plot meets the minimum plot size requirement of 600m2.
  • Balance plot also meets minimum plot size of 600m2.


Minimum Plot Size Disallowed


  • Although the proposed development plot meets the minimum plot size requirement of 600m2, the remnant plot of 150m2 is incapable of redevelopment. The proposed development site should include this balance land.

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