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Geo-Referencing Building Information Model (BIM) Submissions

  Published: 17 November 2022
  Theme: Inform (Guidelines)

Since 2016, BCA and URA have been receiving Building Information Model (BIM) submissions, particularly for new developments with a gross floor area exceeding 5,000 sqm. In line with the Code of Practice for BIM e-submissions, models submitted for regulatory approval are to be correctly geo-located. Regulatory requirements aside, proper geo-referenced models also facilitate multi-disciplinary coordination as well as site setting-out, amongst other benefits.

As part of CORENET-X, new technology enablers will be introduced, leveraging on advanced BIM and Geographic Information System (GIS) capabilities. For example, agencies will be reviewing a coordinated multi-disciplinary model on a new Collaboration Platform. An Automated Model Checker will also be developed, to assist with compliance checks. Geo-data (e.g. land use zoning, land cadastral info, road lines) will be used as references to determine the regulations relevant to the submitted development site. It is hence critical for the BIM submission to be correctly geo-referenced to allow the proposed development to be accurately matched with the geo-data from regulatory agencies.

The submission BIM model should adopt the Singapore SVY21 coordinate system for Easting and Northing (x, y) and the Singapore Height Datum for Height or SHD (z). For more details and geo-referencing guides for the various BIM authoring software, QPs may refer to the Resource Kit developed by the inter-agency CORENET-X project team in collaboration with partner software vendors.