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EDAform Presentation and Development Application Plans: Do It Right!

  Published: 02 March 2021
  Theme: Instil (DC Services & Good Practices)

We seek the cooperation and understanding of all Qualified Persons (QPs) and Professional Engineers (PEs) to exercise better care in filling up the EDAform and in preparing plans for submission. Improper submission of documents and plans with incorrect or incomplete information can unnecessarily lengthen the processing time.

Here are some pointers on the correct EDAform and plan submission QPs and PEs should adhere to:

  1. EDAform

    Item Pointers 
    • All Gross Floor Area (GFA) details indicated on the EDAform should tally with those indicated on plans.
    • Under the ‘Person/Organisation’ section of the EDAform, ensure that all person(s)’ names, email addresses and contact numbers are provided. The QP’s name should also be indicated beside the company’s name (e.g. ‘AAA ARCHITECTS PTE LTD – JOHN TAN’).
    • Ensure that the EDAform is signed by the QP (not the company/firm).
  2. Drawing Standards

    Item Pointers 
    Colour standard for amendment submissions (in line with the Code of Practice for BIM e-submissions):  Colour standard for amendment submissions
    Colour standard for amendment and additions and alterations (A&A) submissions (CAD/DGN) (CP 83)  
    Usage Colour DWG Colour Code  DGN Colour Code 
    Proposed/Additional Elements Magenta 5
    Existing/Approved Elements Cyan 
    Deleted Elements Yellow 

     Plan Annotations
    • All plan annotations should be in black.

  3. Owner's Consent

    • Refer to the below screenshot for how to correctly prepare the owner’s authorisation letter (click to enlarge):

      Owner's consent on plans 
    • For the declaration of owner’s consent on plans, the QP’s name should be included in the standard owner’s consent declaration section of the title block of all plans, as in the screenshot below (click to enlarge):

      Owner's consent on plans 

Banner photo by from Pexels