Submission Requirements


To prepare for your submission, here is a guide on the items that you need to submit.

Cover Letter Provide a summary of your proposed development. You can include explanations or information to support your proposal.
EDAform Download the electronic planning application form EDA form and prepare an EDF file format of the form for submission.
Declaration Form for New Submission All new applications must follow the New Submission Declaration Form (WORD) and be accompanied by a declaration.
CAD/BIM Files Computer Aided Design (CAD) or Building Information Modeling (BIM) drawings for your proposed development.
CAD drawings must comply with the CAD Submission Guidelines (PDF).
Clearances from relevant departments

You may have to consult and seek clearance from relevant Frontline Technical Departments (e.g. LTA, NParks, NEA, FSSF, etc). You need clearance from them before applying for permission from URA.

For proposals involving mechanised parking systems, you must obtain LTA’s in-principle clearance for the mechanised system before applying to URA.

The clearance letter must be attached with the submission to URA.

Authorisation Letter

For those submitting the application on behalf of the applicant, prepare a scanned copy of the signed authorisation letter and retain the original.

See: Sample Authorisation Letter (WORD).

Development Statement of Intent (DSI) All new applications meeting the relevant criteria must be accompanied by a DSI. The criteria and template for the DSI can be found in this attachment (WORD).