Process (Category 1 and 2 Works)

Submit your application electronically through CORENET, you can expect a decision within 20 working days.

Your registered architect will consult the relevant technical departments before submitting plans for the proposed works.

Your registered architect should submit plans for Conservation Permission after receiving structural input from a professional engineer. The architect should also submit a detailed structural investigation report (including pictures of the building’s exteriors and interiors), method statement and protection plan, that is prepared and endorsed by the engineer.

Submission Requirements

The submission requirements for development control are applicable for conserved buildings.

For Conserved Buildings, please also include the following in your submission:

  • 1 set of Measured Survey Drawings with registered Surveyor's endorsement
  • 1 set of Structural Report from Professional Engineer
  • 1 set of Calculation Plans
  • Photographs of the existing front, rear, side (if any), elevation and roof

Step-by-step Guide on Development Application via CORENET

We will issue the Conservation Permission to you.

Your architect should submit building plans to BCA and obtain Building Plan clearance from relevant technical departments. The architect should also obtain Building Plan approval from BCA. After which, you will receive from the BCA the permit to begin works.

For works that do not require BCA’s approval, click here.

Interim site inspections may be carried out by URA when necessary.

You should inform us when the works are completed so that you can obtain TOP/CSC Clearance.

Please submit an application to request for TOP/CSC site inspection of the conserved buildings electronically through CORENET.

TOP/CSC Clearance can only be granted if the building works are completed according to the Approved Plans.