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Changes to Safe Management Measures at Show Galleries Under Phase Three of Re-opening

  Published: 18 December 2020


Who Should Know:
All developers with a sale licence

Effective Date:
With effect from 28 Dec 2020

This has been superseded by the latest advisory. Please refer to the Circulars page.


  1. The Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) announced on 14 December 2020 that Phase Three of re-opening will commence on 28 December 2020.

  2. Under Phase Three, the following changes will be made to the safe management measures (SMM) for show galleries:

    1. the maximum capacity for the show gallery and within the show unit(s) will be based on 8 sqm per person instead of 10 sqm per person (rounded down to nearest whole number); and

    2. the maximum number of persons in each group is increased from 5 to 8 persons.
  3. All developers with existing show galleries who wish to adopt the new SMM are required to submit the updated SMM checklist (see format attached) to the Controller from 28 December 2020 onwards and no later than 2 working days after the adoption of the new SMM. Prior to 28 December 2020, the current SMM, as set out in our advisory on 16 June 2020, shall continue to apply to all show galleries. For new show galleries, please submit the SMM checklist at least 2 working days before opening your show gallery. A set of Frequently Asked Questions is appended below for reference.

  4. Developers should implement Trace-Together Token check-in mode (the same mode to scan NRIC/FIN/IDs) as soon as possible in preparation for the full implementation of TraceTogether-only SafeEntry. To use the Trace-Together Token check-in mode, developers may load the “SafeEntry for Business” mobile app on smartphones to scan the QR code on the Token. More information can be found at

  5. Until TraceTogether-only SafeEntry is implemented, visitors can perform SafeEntry check-in via the TraceTogether app, SingPass Mobile, or QR reader apps, or use their identity cards with barcodes such as NRIC, Pioneer or Merdeka Generation cards.

  6. As the situation is still evolving, please continue to keep abreast of the latest announcements and take immediate steps to comply with any new requirements. We seek your understanding and cooperation to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.
Thank You.


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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Advisory on Show Galleries Operation With Effect From 28 December 2020


  1. Must all viewings be done on an appointment basis?

    Viewing of the show galleries can only be arranged by appointment to ensure that the capacity limit of the show gallery is adhered to and there is no over-crowding at the show gallery.

  2. Can developer’s staff and appointed salespersons work on site at the show galleries to manage the marketing and sale of the units?

    Developer’s staff and appointed salespersons working on site at the show galleries must adhere to the prevailing safe management measures. From 28 December 2020, the maximum capacity at the show galleries is based on 8 sqm per person, and this includes developer’s staff and appointed salespersons.

    Developers should comply with MTI’s requirements on the resumption of business and safe management requirements. Refer to MTI’s website for more details.

Existing Show Galleries

  1. Developers have already submitted a safe measurement measure checklist to the Controller prior to the commencement of Phase 3. Are developers required to submit another checklist to the Controller?

    Developers who intend to adopt the new safe management measures must submit the updated checklist to the Controller via email to from 28 December 2020 onwards, and no later than 2 working days after the adoption of the new SMM.

    Developers who intend to continue adopting the safe management measures as set out in the circular dated 16 June 2020 can do so, and will not need to submit the updated checklist to the Controller.

  2. For new show galleries, when must the safe management measures checklist be submitted to the Controller?

    Developers with new show galleries are required to submit the safe management measures checklist to the Controller at least 2 working days before they open the show galleries. If the show galleries are to be opened on or after 28 Dec 2020, the developers should plan based on the updated safe management measures and submit the checklist to the Controller via email to

  3. After submission of the completed checklist, would the Controller inform the developer if the safe management measures put in place are adequate?

    Developers are responsible for ensuring that the safe management measures put in place in the show galleries are in accordance with the prevailing guidelines issued by the Government to minimise the transmission of COVID-19.

    The Controller will monitor the situation and conduct audit inspection of the show galleries where necessary. Developers will be required to close show galleries if the prevailing safe management measures are not in place and complied with.

Completed Properties

  1. For completed properties, must developers submit the completed checklist before making viewing arrangements?

    For viewing of completed properties, there is no need for developers to submit the completed checklist, which is applicable for show galleries, to the Controller.

    However, developers should comply with the safe management measures, and the guidelines for viewing of such properties as issued by the Council for Estate Agencies for salespersons (see

Sales of Properties

  1. Can developers accept electronic payment from purchasers?

    Yes, developers who wish to allow purchasers to pay the booking fees and progress payments using electronic payment can adopt the pre-approved amendments to the Option to Purchase (OTP) and Sale & Purchase Agreement (S&PA) to include payment by FAST, MEPS or GIRO, in addition to the existing modes via cheques or cashier’s orders or telegraphic transfer. Please refer to our circular issued on 9 April 2020.

    Developers must ensure that all purchase price paid by purchasers, regardless of the mode of payment, are deposited into the project account of the housing project. The Controller of Housing will conduct ad hoc checks on developers’ booking register to check for compliance.

  2. Can developers provide the Particulars, Documents and Information (PDI) on the housing project, and issue Option to Purchase and Sale & Purchase Agreement digitally to purchasers?

    Developers can provide the PDI in digital forms to intending purchases provided that they can authenticate the identity of the intending purchasers and obtain their written acknowledgement of the PDI before accepting the booking fee. Developers should check with their solicitors on the conveyancing practice and guidelines if they wish to issue the Option to Purchase and Sale & Purchase Agreement digitally to purchasers to ensure that they comply with the relevant legislative requirements.

Delivery of Vacant Possession & Defects Rectifications

  1. Can developers arrange to meet purchasers to hand over vacant possession of units?

    Developers are allowed to hand over vacant possession of the units in-person, subject to the prevailing safe management measures. Refer to MOH’s website ( for more details.

  2. Updated on 18 Dec 2020

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