Revisions to the Plan Lodgment Scheme

  Published: 11 February 2015
Circular No : URA/PB/2015/01-DCG
Fax : 6227 4792


Who Should Know:
Qualified Persons, real estate agents, building owners and tenants

Effective Date:
11 February 2015

  1. This circular informs you of the following changes to the Plan Lodgment Scheme:
    1. A two-year validity period will be introduced for all new proposals lodged under the scheme;
    2. Secondary uses like industrial canteens, showrooms, childcare centres and workers’ dormitories within industrial and warehouse developments will be excluded from the lodgment scheme; and
    3. Additional conditions for change of use and strata subdivision will be imposed under the scheme.

What is the Plan Lodgment Scheme?

  1. The Plan Lodgment Scheme  allows uncomplicated development works and change of use to be lodged and authorised without having to apply for planning permission.   The onus is on qualified Persons (QPs), owners and operators to  ensure that their declarations for the proposals comply fully with the Master Plan intentions and prevailing planning parameters.    

 Validity period

  1. Currently, there is no validity period for development works or change of use proposals  lodged and authorised under the Plan Lodgment Scheme.  
  2. To align with the two-year validity period given for development applications approved with Written Permissions, URA will now similarly set a two-year validity period for developments authorised under the Plan Lodgment Scheme. This is to ensure that the authorised developments are in line with the prevailing development control guidelines and planning policies.
  3. If QPs, owners or operators require more time to complete the authorised works beyond the two-year validity period, an application for further extension of the validity period can be submitted to URA for consideration.[1] The administrative fee for extending the validity period is $214 (incl of GST). If we do not receive the application for the extension before the lapsing date of the authorised development, a new lodgment will be required before further works can proceed.

 Secondary uses within Industrial developments

  1. Secondary uses like industrial canteens, showrooms, childcare centres and workers’ dormitories within industrial and warehouse developments will be excluded from the scheme as these uses require further assessment by URA. We require formal planning permission for these uses.


  1. Operators or owners who apply for change of use under the change of use lodgment scheme have to ensure that the new use does not cause nuisance, disturbance or inconvenience to the amenities in the surrounding locality. Otherwise, URA will withdraw the authorisation for the change of use and the new use of the premises will have to cease.  
  2. Surveyors who carry out a plan lodgment for strata subdivision, or land and strata subdivision under the subdivision lodgment scheme will have to ensure that the strata plans are in line with the approved strata boundary shown in the approved plans and Written Permission for the development works.


  1. The above revisions will take effect from 11 February 2015 and will apply to all new lodgment applications on or after that date. Only applications submitted before 11 February 2015 will not be subject to the revised guidelines.
  2. I would appreciate it if you could convey the contents of this circular to the relevant members of your organisation. If you or your members have any queries concerning this circular, please call our Development Control Group (DCG) Enquiry Line at Tel: 6223 4811 or e-mail us at For your information, past circulars and guidelines are available at our website
Thank You.



[1] This applies to additions and alteration or new erection of a single landed house and industrial developments on HDB/ JTC land. For change of use lodgment, if the use is not effected within two years after the use is lodged, a new change of use lodgment is required

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