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Jurong Lake District Innovation Challenge

  Category: Plan-our-Future-SG
Jurong Lake District Innovation Challenge

We are calling for all private companies, institutes of higher learning, and research institutes to propose innovative solutions to address the sustainability challenges facing Jurong Lake District (JLD). Our partners in Jurong Lake District have come together to share their challenge statements, under these key themes: 

  • Low Carbon 
    All new buildings in Jurong Lake District will be required to minimally achieve Green Mark Platinum (Super Low Energy) certification. Existing building owners are also actively seeking ways to reduce their energy consumption. Reducing the carbon footprint of the district will be a combined effort by residents, businesses and visitors; and should be made fun, educational and hassle-free. 

    Download Challenge Statements: [1], [2], [3]

  • Waste Management

    Jurong Lake District supports the movement towards zero waste. More can be done to increase recycling rates by strengthening the effectiveness of strategies through the help of digitalisation. 

    Download Challenge Statement: [4]
  • Car-lite
    Today, getting to Jurong Lake District is convenient using the established public transport network. By the 2030s, Jurong Lake District will be even more connected with four MRT lines serving it and at least 85% of all trips targeted to be made by Walk-Cycle-Ride modes of transport in 2035. We are seeking to implement a mix of strategies from infrastructural enhancements to behavioural nudges to make car-lite an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle choices in Jurong Lake District. 

    Download Challenge Statement: [5]
  • Water System Optimisation

    Smart technologies and automation will support a more efficient and connected way to live and work and has the potential to conserve and optimise water resources. In the long run, it could also reduce reliance on manpower for repetitive tasks and enhance the well-being of employees. 

    Download Challenge Statement: [6]


The prizes for the JLD Innovation challenge are as follows:

  • The winning team for each challenge statement will be awarded a prize money of $50,000
  • Winning teams will also be given the opportunity to collaborate with the stakeholders to pilot their solutions at the stakeholders’ premises in and around the Jurong Lake District. Should these pilots prove to be effective, they may be scaled up to be deployed in the rest of the district and beyond, to benefit more developments and the wider public.
  • A Temasek Foundation Liveability Solutions Prize of $50,000 will be awarded to the team with the most impactful solution to pilot their solution in Jurong Lake District.

How to participate 
Submit your proposals at the Open Innovation Platform by 21 Apr 2023, 4PM SGT.