Join URA as a Scholar!

We’re looking for exceptional young talents who are keen to play an active role in shaping Singapore’s cityscape! Click to apply for the URA scholarship.

We have also partnered with 6 other agencies (BCA, IMDA, JTC, SLA, NEA and PUB) to offer the Singapore Geospatial Scholarship in geospatial and geospatial-related courses.


With the URA scholarship, start a fulfilling and meaningful career with us as:

  1. Urban Planners. Draw up land use plans for Singapore and ensure these plans are implemented through conservation and development control
  2. Architects. Get involved in shaping Singapore’s skyline and streetscapes while applying good urban design in conservation
  3. Civil Engineers. Oversee key infrastructure and facilities that make Singapore safe, resilient and liveable
  4. Property Market Analysts. Analyze and generate real estate information to ensure the transparency of Singapore’s property market
  5. Systems Analysts. Analyze geospatial data, design/implement web platforms and identify good business processes and solutions

If you have any questions, please email us at Please note that applications will not be accepted through this email.