Apply for Season Parking


Season parking allows you to park your vehicle near your home or workplace on a regular basis at a fixed monthly rate. We offer season parking at various locations for different types of vehicles and at different season parking rates.

Vehicle Type Type of season parking ticket Eligibility*
Car Residential
Apply for only first vehicle of residents in nearby dwelling unit  
Car Others Apply for motorists working nearby; or for second and subsequent vehicles of residents in nearby dwelling unit; or for HV drivers with existing HV season parking tickets.  
Motorcycle URA Car Parks only
Apply for parking only at URA car parks.
Motorcycle URA and HDB Car Parks
Apply for parking at both URA and HDB car parks.

Heavy Vehicle

Heavy Vehicle
Apply for other types of vehicle e.g goods vehicles, lorries, buses, cranes.

*Full terms and conditions are listed within the eService. Read a full list of Frequently Asked Questions about applying for season parking.

Frequently Asked Questions

The car park may not be found in the list of car parks for application because:

a) The season parking at the car park is under a group season parking scheme. You can check  by entering the car park name or location using the search function in the  URA Map for season parking application; or

b) We are currently not accepting any new season parking ticket applications for the car park; or

c) There is no season parking scheme implemented for the car park.

There is a high demand for URA’s heavy vehicle season parking tickets (SPTs). This requirement is to ensure that the applicant has a genuine need for parking at the specific heavy vehicle park and fair allocation of our limited heavy vehicle SPTs.

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