Courses Offered

Integrated Land Use Planning (4 days)

This comprehensive course provides an in-depth understanding of Singapore’s land use planning system and how it has been instrumental to the success of Singapore’s urban development over the last four decades. Held over four days, this course identifies planning strategies to address a city’s needs, and covers a range of topics on urban planning, urban design, as well as the tools that Singapore uses to translate its plans into reality.

Land Use Planning: The Singapore Experience


This half-day course gives an overview of Singapore’s approach to land use planning. Through the course, participants will appreciate that urban planning plays in Singapore’s urban development story. For a more extensive coverage, this course may also be expanded into a 1- or 2-day programme.

Customised Courses


The training programme can be tailored, both in terms of content and duration, to suit the requirements of the organisation. These customised courses are especially useful for groups with a sizeable number and would like to have a course that is catered to their interests.